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Books floating in Paris, France

Books float on the street after a library on Rue Jacob, Paris is flooded during the Great 1910 Parisian Flood . (via historicaltimes)


Whatever You Ask For in Prayer, Believe That You Will Receive It


Very inspirational on a very realistic true ground…

Originally posted on Creo en Dios!:

After each of our vocation retreat weekends, the participants in the retreat take turns at a weekly “spiritual nourishment” message to the group. Some people send prayers, others poems, others reflections on a piece of scripture, others a parable of sorts.

This week, one of our students shared some thoughts about the passage in Mark’s Gospel where Jesus tells his disciples, “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

With his permission, here is John Fandrey’s reflection on this passage:

“I thought this passage was fitting since I had just read about the Kansai International Airport in Japan. Japan is…

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Perfect Movie Snack! Love it! <3

Originally posted on A Dash of Cinema:

Sometimes when I am not in the mood for cooking or baking but still want to munch on something during a movie, I turn to quick snacks that are easy to whip together. White chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. The pretzel’s crunch with the white chocolate creates a unique texture and makes for a great snack that doesn’t sit too heavy in your stomach. Another great thing about this snack: it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare!

Gather your ingredients: pretzels, white chocolate chips/bars, and sprinkles.
Lay pretzels out on parchment paper. Melt white chocolate chips/bars in the microwave or over the stove.

Using a chopstick, drizzle the melted white chocolate over the pretzels in a zig zag formation.
 Shake sprinkles over the white chocolate. Freeze pretzels for about 5 minutes so the white chocolate hardens, making for easier snacking.

{photos by a dash of…

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2012 New Year Resolutions!

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This past year has been a really difficult and unpleasant year. However, looking back at it, it has been a healthy year where I’ve grown and learnt a lot of things the hard way. I do not regret it. I’m thankful for 2011.

Here are some of the things I learnt:

  • Life is not short, however; if you let it slip by then yes, it is short. Don’t be passive about it. Make things happen for yourself.
  • When you’re sad, angry or alone, tell someone! ANYONE! Even, write about it! Just don’t let it sit in otherwise, you will be holding a lot of grudge for a lot of people.
  • Another fact: Feelings are made to be exposed. So, expose them before they explode out of you! (Personal experience)
  • Don’t look for consolation in people, look for consolation in God, in the Bible. It’s the only place/book that can give you true inner peace.
  • Accept whatever happens to you, whether good or bad.
  • Having a lot of friends does not mean having a lot of GOOD friends. GOOD friends are priceless.
  • Enough TV! It’s a total waste of time!
  • Watch more TEDxTalks, they’re plain awesome!

Therefore, I have decided to base my 2012 new year’s resolution on the mistakes and unrealized resolutions of 2011. So, here goes!

  • No TV Watching except for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on my laptop.
  • Become an athlete (Jogging). Maintain 4 days/week minimum.
  • Put myself out there, life and love don’t happen at home. Expose myself to new things and events.
  • Find a major-related job then quit my current dummy job!
  • Read more of the bible especially Proverbs and Psalms.
  • Work on existent relationships to make them stronger rather than making new ones.
  • Give each month a character and act on it:
January is my month of Planning.
February will be my month of Organizing (new wardrobe).
March will be my month of Cooking (30 new dishes in 30 days).
April will be my month of Giving.
May will be my month of Summer (Greece, baby!!)
June will be my month of visiting cancer patients and giving them hope and happiness.
July will be my month of 
August will be my month of 
September will be my month of Service (Dedicate this month to help someone in real need).
October will be my month of developing a new hobby (Abstract Painting).
November will be the month of Novel Writing.
December will be my month of Cheer and Joy Spread.

I still didn’t figure out the characters of July and August.

This whole “Give-a-month-a-character” initiative is inspired by the amazing TEDxTalk by Matt Cutts.

Check out the Talk here:


What about your 2012 new year’s resolutions? (My list is not final yet! ;)  )

The never-fading smile

From previous posts, I think it was clear that I’m seeking my purpose and it’s also clear that I’m gathering bits and pieces along the journey of life.

Today, I write a short post to show the impact of an unconscious simple act.

By the end of a local weekend trip, a friend came up to me and handed me a note and left. The note said:”The never-fading smile, truly inspiring!”

I cannot elaborate enough on how much impact this tiny note did to me and my soul. I felt alive. It gave me hope, happiness, inspiration in return.

Two things that I learnt from this fragment of a scenario:

  1. Stick to your smile
  2. Acknowledge your feelings, inspiration to the person who provided them because you encourage them. I don’t know about you but I often see poor old guys gathering all the strength to take the next step to cross to the other side of the street to look for food in the garbage. As disgusting as that may sound, as inspiring as it to me. There is too much perseverance in this image. This penniless poor guy who is struggling to walk have enough perseverance to not only walk but to reach the other end and look in the dirty garbage in which he might or might not have edible food. I mean why not walk up to the guy and tell them that he’s an inspiration and get him some food. why not? Of course, I understand that most of you would say because he might be dangerous, you can never what kind of diseases he might have. I must remain nonjudgmental and offer an alternate to that which is the smile! Smile to him, maybe a thumbs up! :)
This was just an important message for me to get through.
Keep that smile on there and you’ll see the benefits are countless :)

2 Weeks of perspective I needed

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So for the past two weeks, I’ve been away for an amazing spiritual refreshment and pursuing a purpose for my very passive so-called life.

I have spent the past two weeks in France and Spain and attended a part of the WYD or JMJ in Madrid, Spain. Here’s a brief!

I wanted to go on this trip to find my purpose on this planet and the reason I’m born; to find my mission. Also, to show my personality to the new group I’ve joined at church, to get to know them better and to experience something new: pilgrimage.

I like to think of myself as different. However, deep inside I see myself traditional and so predictable which is why I decided to go on this trip because I knew that it would change the way I see and do things.

I’ve experienced evangelism which was my highlight of the trip. I’m a christian and I practice the religion but I never thought that a day would come and that I would be stopping people in the streets to tell them about Jesus Christ and my beliefs and try and answer them some of their most difficult questions and doubts about God’s existence. However, with the help and presence of the Holy spirit I did it without any personal preparations. (There’s a post about my beginner evangelism experience coming soon!)

The second thing that I have experienced was the amazing unity of the people. More than 2,000,000 people sharing the same belief and love of God. To me that was overwhelming and gave me an amazing boost for the future.

Third thing that touched my heart so much was the meeting with Kiko Arguello, seeing more than 4,000 men and 2,000 women leaving their lives, friends and families behind to become priests and follow God and spread the word about him in random countries.

Now that the trip is over, I realized that none of my questions were answered with any of the precise answers that I had expected. The purpose of my life that I understood god gave me is to ask for his constant guidance and I will have a great purposeful life of Him in my life. He’s my purpose. I’m in the pursuit of his eternal love. (totally satisfied with this answer, couldn’t ask for more :) )

As satisfied as I am with God’s answer to my purpose, I’m disappointed to his answer about my future and the thing I’m meant to be concerning my career. I’m a recent graduate and didn’t start looking for a job but I will soon. However, I wanted to go on an internship abroad for one year or a year and half in my field.  But, it seems that it’s not going to happen. I will not give up on it because there are some complications. However, I will start job hunting and will not give up on the internship hunting also. Whatever God sees right will come to me. :)

Just wanted to share with you a summary of my past two weeks. Please share yours or any comments you may have :)

Hasta La Vista ;)